Lisa K Style Tulsa - FAQ Image Consulting
An Overview of Lisa K Style Tulsa - Image Consulting

When it comes to personal image consulting, people may have questions. Here are the topics we get asked about most often.

Our Clients

We work with people in various walks of life and with varied budgets, all of whom wish to enhance their image, appearance and lives. We also work with a broad range of business and non-profit organizations.


We tailor services to the needs of our clients. Generally, services address the areas of personal image and appearance, executive and corporate consulting, consultation on surroundings, style seminars and speaking engagements.

When needed, we address other essential areas such as public speaking, etiquette and protocol to further strengthen how clients present themselves.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment or for information about booking
Lisa K for a personal appearance or speaking engagement.


Clients are pleasantly surprised at how affordable our services are. They are thrilled about how much money and time they actually save by maximizing their existing purchases and learning how to become more discerning about future ones.

We want clients to fully benefit from their time with us versus watching the clock. Therefore, we work on a project basis versus an hourly rate.

We work within a client’s schedule to achieve results as quickly as possible. The return and benefits of the investment are life-changing and everlasting.

Personal Shopping

When working with clients, we identify essential items or updates that are needed. Clients decide whether to shop for these items on their own or with us. Clients often prefer that we shop with them to reinforce what works best or to serve as their second eye. We are also delighted to scout for items and to hand-deliver them. We find fabulous items at every price point. Our clients ultimately decide on purchases.

For more information, please contact us.