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Lisa K Style works with a broad range of individuals and businesses, with a variety of goals and budgets. In fact, we’ve found there is no set profile for clients who benefit from our services, and have had success with students, homemakers, business executives, health professionals and more. At Lisa K, we pride ourselves on offering each the same personal service and attention to detail.

Lisa K Style Tulsa- What our clients are saying

"Lisa is a truly talented professional who is devoted to bringing the beauty out in people. Like many working women with families, I was spending so much time taking care of others that I was blind to how much I had let myself go. I must admit I was a bit skeptical that I would see a significant difference in my appearance. Wow! I‘ve lost count of the numerous compliments on my new look. What a difference Lisa has made in my image. I went from 'frump girl' to 'fashion diva' over night! Lisa was able to use much of my existing wardrobe and paired items together I would have never thought of putting together. She helped me edit out wardrobe items that were not consistent with my new look and showed me how to accessorize. One of the most wonderful things was organizing my jewelry into themes. What a time saver!

I’m so pleased with my new image and am grateful to Lisa for her timeless style and passion for helping others. Thank you for helping me to shine."

- Melissa, University Dean

"Lisa K has been terrifically helpful to me, especially in building self-confidence and identifying steps toward improving my career opportunities. I’m genuinely grateful for her guidance and advise."

- Financial Analyst

"I hired Lisa K as my personal image consultant not realizing how much her services would benefit me. What I learned from working with Lisa is how much money I have wasted buying clothing, accessories and shoes that do not create a complete wardrobe. Lisa and I spent time together reviewing and editing my current wardrobe and determined what items were needed to best utilize what I own. It was worth the investment in her services to teach me how to buy and manage my clothing to optimize for the future.

In the end, my closet is a peaceful place with only the items I wear, look and feel good in. I am thankful for her fabulous service and would highly recommend her to anyone."

- Michelle, Professional Photographer

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