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Lisa K Style Tulsa - Image and Style-The Best You

Before we begin working with you, we simply get to know you and your current lifestyle. What is important to you? Which aspects of your image and appearance are you satisfied with? Which you would like to address? We then discuss solutions for showcasing your greatest assets, refining troublesome areas and getting started. Our services include:

Closet Edit & Reorganization

Determining what items to keep, donate or discard is a useful and practical tool in refining your appearance. We help you make those determinations while confirming if essential components are on hand or needed. The result is a closet you are excited about, complete with everything that flatters you and reflects who you are. You will be able to more quickly prepare for the day or evening ahead and be delighted with your options.

Styling: Fit & Accessorizing

Clothing that is ill fitting, not styled correctly or poorly accessorized are common areas of distraction to the observer and can negatively impact your appearance. Paying attention to these details strengthen and refine your look and set you apart. We help you improve your own eye and skills in these areas to consistently achieve a finished look.

The Look Book

A picture is worth a thousand words, so we photograph you in optimal looks from your own closet and then give you a personalized gallery of pictures that details the final looks we’ve created. We also review with you photographs of items and looks to steer away from. Our clients love to see what really works for them and value the convenience of quickly referencing their most flattering options for the current season.

Hair & Make-Up

Your appearance is ultimately complete when your hair and make-up are in harmony with the rest of your look. Left unattended, these areas can be distracting and diminish your look. We work with you to insure that the style and color of your hair compliment you. We will show you make-up tips that enhance your best features and provide you with five minute, daytime and evening options that are best suited for you.

Personal Shopping/Special Events

We identify essential items or updates that are needed. You decide whether to shop for such items with us or on your own. Clients often prefer that we shop with them to reinforce what works best or to serve as their second eye. We are also delighted to scout for these items and hand-deliver them to you. Whatever option you choose, purchases are entirely your decision.

We can also work with you - or do the work for you - to prepare every last detail of an important commitment, event or travel.

Other Refining Tools

When needed, we address other essential areas such as public speaking, etiquette and protocol to further strengthen how you present yourself.

Gift of Style

If you want to gift someone with something fabulous, let us take care of selecting and delivering it for you. Lisa K Style gift certificates are also available to simplify a closet or to pamper someone special.